Research Focus


NTU 5 Peaks of Excellence 2020
NTU has identified five peaks of excellence it wants to scale for 2020. Research pursuits at the College of Engineering (CoE) are aligned to this research strategy.


Sustainable Earth

Sustainability and the earth’s ability to meet the needs of both current and future generations is a growing global concern. The Sustainable Earth thrust, also identified as the “peak of peaks”, empowers research on clean water, alternative energy, clean technologies, urban systems and geological risks. The cluster is anchored in several thematic research structures - NRF-MOE Research Centre of Excellence -  Singapore Centre on Environmental Life Sciences Engineering (SCELSE) which focuses on complex microbial systems, cutting edge genomics and systems biology, Nanyang Environment and Water Research Institute (NEWRI) and the Energy Research Institute @ NTU (ERI@N). These three structures are joined by the new Asian School of the Environment, which draws on the expertise of SCELSE as well as the other NTU Research Centre of Excellence – the Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS).


Secure Community

A new multi-disciplinary Peak that will develop new knowledge and solutions with respect to preservation of societal security - resource security; economic security; environmental security; and security from crime, terrorism and external threats. The objective is to create strategies that preferably avoid, or if necessary, tackle stresses, challenges and crises in geopolitics, economic management and infrastructure development, that may in turn expose resource or defence vulnerabilities.

Healthy Society

The Peak serves as a coordinating platform at the convergence of medicine, health, engineering, technology, science, business and humanities that integrates research, education and innovation to address the challenges faced by rapidly ageing societies including Singapore. The Peak will work towards promoting healthy living and mitigating the impact of ageing through technological innovations in human health and medicine.


Global Asia

This Peak takes advantage of Singapore's geographical position at the heart of Asia and NTU's competitive advantage in business studies, international policies and the arts as well as strong roots and links to China, India and the surrounding parts of Southeast Asia. This Peak will have three foci - Business Asia, Cultural Asia and Transformational Asia.


Future Learning

 is a new interdisciplinary Peak interfacing all relevant disciplines to enhance learning. It will undertake deep research into pedagogies especially technology-enabled pedagogies suited to university learners of today, who are fluent with technology, social media and the Internet.